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STANDARD - Relaxation/Maintenance Massage

This form of massage deals with you as a ‘whole’. Like other therapies, it is not just looking to treat the symptoms, but to establish the cause, whether it be internal or external. The aim is to re-balance the body so it achieves homeostasis or balance.


A treatment that deal with the certainty that there are reflexes on the hands and feet that are connected to all organs, glands, and areas of the body.


Involves the treatment of the face, neck, scalp, and shoulders. This type of massage can help to produce the following effects; general relaxation, improved blood circulation, improved lymphatic flow, reduced muscular tension, regenerated skin, softer skin, reduced stiffness in the neck and shoulder region, relief from muscular pain and fatigue.

Male only sensual massage. For more information regarding ma(n)ssage, please contact me directly.